Workshop Tools in Pathology

In small informal 5 minute presentations various tools used in day-to-day digital pathology research will be introduced. This workshop is intended for researchers in digital pathology to get to know new tools they could incorporate into their workflow. As a keynote speaker Dr. Andreas Poehlman will present Paquo a python based interface for QuPath to

Coder’s Club: How we do digital pathology


Coder's Club aims to bring together all the programmers, developers, and coders in digital pathology to discuss best practices in developing digital- and computational pathology workflows and applications. Some of the leading experts in the field are invited to discuss your questions and give you new ideas and insights into how to set up your

January 19th 2023 – Annual Meeting + Industry Fair

REGISTER here and disseminate to your institutes and interested colleagues!   SDiPath is delighted to announce our next big event: “AI industry fair” taking place January 19th, 2023 from 9:30am to 5pm in Bern, in-person. We have gathered some of the big names in AI algorithm development in pathology to pitch us their products,

SDiPath Trailblazers in AI Series

Join us for our Trailblazers in AI Series! Register here:

SDiPath Trailblazers in AI Series – Prof Anne Martel

AI in Digital Pathology: Opportunities and Challenges Abstract: The introduction of scanners that are capable of digitizing microscopic slides at high magnification has led to an explosion of interest in computational pathology in general and deep learning applied to whole slide images (WSIs) in particular. In my lab at Sunnybrook, we are developing AI models